Program Description

The photography program offers a wide range of theory, technique and skills course work from beginning through advanced levels. The program is structured to emphasize the development of creative expression, visual awareness, and technical skills required to enter the photography field or to prepare for transfer to four-year institutions.

Program Emphasis

The certificate of achievement program and the associate degree, Visual and Performing Arts, Photography Emphasis, is designed for students seeking employment in the photography field.

Degrees & Certificates
Certificate of Achievement: Visual and Performing Arts Photography

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We're now in our NEW BUILDING, The CTC (Career Technology Center)!

We occupy the 4th and 5th floors... approximately 30,000sf of space dedicated to digital and darkroom photography.  We now have 3 studios, 3 digital labs, 2 lecture rooms, 3 B&W darkrooms, a two-room gallery, a locker room, and a balcony/patio shooting area, plus several offices, storage areas, and other ancillary rooms.  On the 1st floor is a shared 125-seat amphitheater and adjacent to our building is a 700-space parking structure.  We're very Proud, Humbled, and So Lucky! Stop by to check it out!  LIKE Us on Facebook. San Diego City Photo

Comments heard recently:

"Amazing!"  "Unbelievable!"  "Are you hiring?"

Dennis Keeley, Photo Chair at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
was overheard saying "I've never seen such a comprehensive, well thought-out photography facility... anywhere.  You really got it right."

Scott Davis, Director of Exhibitions at MOPA:  "I've seen the biggest and best photography facilities in the country, and this is the finest I've seen."

Eric Joseph, Senior VP, Freestyle Photo:  "You have a new nickname around L.A.: The Taj Mahal of Photography ("The Taj").  Everyone is talking about this program."